[email protected] focuses on four main ocean themes to complement units of study in the following areas:

  1. marine mammals and food webs;
  2. salmon, herring and plankton;
  3. tides, oceans and estuaries; mapping;
  4. features of the ocean floor; currents.

Individual sections can be completed during a typical classroom computer-lab session (30 to 45 minutes), or all sections can be played together in a longer session. Teachers can adapt this instructional format to accommodate different learning levels and computer-lab session times. Students can work through the site individually or with the entire class, in partners or in small groups. The web-based format also allows students to repeat sections to review difficult concepts, or to complete a section they began in a previous computer-lab session. The web-based format is adaptable and individual students can play from a classroom, library or from home.

A comprehensive Field Guide is available throughout the game to provide additional information about concepts and vocabulary used in the game. While such concepts are described in detail, it is strongly recommended that teachers introduce concepts and vocabulary in classroom lessons before and after students engage in the story. Further, teachers are encouraged to navigate through the entire game to familiarize themselves with the content before having students play the game.

This online TeacherĖs Guide is provide for teachers to become familiar with general outlines of the story sections, the learning activities and important features of the game before having students play. The Curriculum Connections section outlines how components of [email protected] satisfy the Learning Outcomes in the B.C. K-7 Science Integrated Resource Package. The Activities & Resources section of this TeacherĖs Guide provides suggestions for extension activities and resources to complement themes in the game.