1. What is Flash and why do you use it?
Flash is a new file format developed by Macromedia for delivering animation over the internet. You need to download and install a special plug-in to read these files. The Flash Plug-in now comes included with most popular browsers. Flash allows us to present graphic rich content with much faster downloads than would be possible with traditional graphics formats.

2. How do I download and install the Flash plug-in?

Visit Macromedia's Flash site at http://www.flash.com for help getting and installing the plug-in.

3. Why is the game so slow?

[email protected] was designed to run on a 56K modem or faster. However, the site has been very popular and the number of visitors tends to slow our server during peak times. We are working to improve our capacity. Until then, you may want to try playing first thing in the morning or in the evening. The good news is that we have released a CD-ROM version of [email protected] which will allow you to play without being online (see question 10).

4. I am stuck on a question. Where can I find the answer?

All of the answers you need to get through [email protected] can be found in the field guide. You can read the field guide at any time by clicking on the blue field guide button at the bottom of the screen.

5. I am a teacher, can I use [email protected] in my classroom?

Absolutely! [email protected] was designed to address specific learning outcomes from the BC Integrated Resource Packages. See the teacher's guide for more information.

6. Why is the text so small? I am having trouble reading it.

The Flash format will scale to the size of your browser window. Stretch your window to full size and try reloading the page. If this is still too small you will have to try a computer with a larger monitor.

7. Is there a way to "save" my creature cards as I go?

Unfortunately not. We have many people playing the game at once over the web and there is no easy way to keep track of each player's progress. However, the CD-ROM version does allow player to save games and keep track of their Creature Cards.

8. I was sure I had the answer to the coded message but it tells me it isn't correct. Is there something wrong?

Watch to see that it is exactly as it translates from your notebook. If you need help send us your answer by emailing us and we can check it ourselves.

9. Will there be another Ace on the Case adventure?

We're not working on anything just yet but it might happen. If you'd like to see another Ace on the Case send us your words of support.

10. Is [email protected] available on disk or as a download?

[email protected] is available on CD-ROM. This version runs on both macintosh and PC computers and does not require an internet connection.

11. Who created [email protected]?

[email protected] was produced by Engaging Science - a partnership of the Pacific Space Centre, Science World and the Vancouver Aquarium. Engaging Science provides teacher training workshops as well as books, videos and other science education resources. Support for [email protected] came from the BC Ministry of Education. To see a list of the individuals who brought [email protected] to life see our credits page.

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