"This is a really innovative online game that covers topics in ocean science. Be guided throught the world of the sea and its creatures with fantastic graphics and addictive narrative."

- from the BBC Education Webguide.


The Digital Dozen is a monthly list of top Educational Sites produced by the Eisenhower National Clearing House for Mathematics and Science Education.
[email protected] was awarded the full five stars from the Pacific Bell Education First Fellows at San Diego State University's Department of Educational Technology.
Yahooligans! Cool Site of the Week Award
SquirtWorld Hotsite - from TV2 New Zealand
ED's Oasis, a Teacher resource site funded by the AT&T Learning Network
Lawrence Hall of Science HotSites
Sympatico's Discover Learning Site of the Week
The UK School Page Best of the Web Award
EduNET - EduNET Choice award for providing and maintaining valuable educational content.

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